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Targa Tours: A best kept secret

Targa Tours: A best kept secret

If you have ever wanted to enter either the famous Tasmanian or High-Country Targa events but put off by the associated costs and risk of competition, the Targa Tour is for you. For me it’s the best of both worlds. You compete in the Targa event on closed roads only limited by speed restrictions. I use the term loosely, as most Targa roads are winding that it’s almost impossible to reach the speed limit. The tour event is untimed, enabling you to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about your position in the field. The other wonderful thing is you can swap drivers, so you can navigate one stage and drive the next. Every stage is unique with its own challenges. The transport sections between stages are just as much fun. The more leisurely pace allows you to take in the beautiful, ever-changing scenery.

Lotus Australia Tour is a such well organised event. Everything is organised for you, including hotel and restaurant bookings. We provide roadside technical support and the morning briefing provide excellent advice on the days driving. All meals and accommodation are provided. The only additional expense is your fuel.

Whilst you require a navigator, no experience is required. So, partners, friends, fathers, sons and daughters can easily fill the role. It’s so much fun sharing the event with someone close. Most of the day you simply follow the tour leader, only using the notes to navigate the tight turns on the stages. Lotus Australia even provides radios for car to car contact.

Targa Tour is one of those bucket list events, and there is no better car to experience it than a Lotus. So, come join the Lotus Tour at Targa High Country, Tasmania or Great Barrier Reef.

Rhy’s and I will be one f the Tour Leaders at Targa High Country so come and join the fun.

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