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A Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge like no other

A Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge like no other

MELBOURNE: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne today unveiled its most audacious and stunning Wraith yet, an exclusive Black Badge with numerous noir highlights – including dark chrome Spirit of Ecstasy and grille – showcased on a stunning Arctic White fastback body.

The exterior’s allure is accentuated with the lower front spoiler air splitters, window surrounds and sports exhaust tail pipes all finished in black; with bespoke 21-inch carbon alloy composite wheels with a prevailing darkness completing the drama.

Open the doors and a breathtaking tri-colour leather interior is revealed, the boldness of which is rarely seen, even by Rolls-Royce standards. Hotspur Red leather instrument panel inner, door piping and centre seat piping blend together to create a red horizon on a landscape of beautifully complemented black and Arctic White natural leather surfaces.

There is even a pair of bespoke Rolls-Royce umbrellas designed in the interior’s three colours.

A sweeping facia of aircraft-grade aluminium thread woven into dark carbon fibre adds a hi-tech feel while the black roof-lining jewelled with 1,430 fibre optic lights creates its own starry night.

“The Black Badge is the ultimate expression of Rolls-Royce individuality,” says Michael Winkler, CEO of Zagame Automotive which operates Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne in suburban Richmond.

“The Black Badge treatment juxtaposed on the Wraith’s Arctic White fastback body is a bold and confident statement. We created this car to shift perceptions of what people perceive Rolls-Royce to be.

“This is a symbol of the new generation Rolls-Royce, showcasing the breadth of individualisation possible on models such as the Wraith which are bringing new customers to the brand.

Power for the Wraith comes from a powerful 6.6-litre V12 engine delivering 465 kW of power and a mighty 870 Nm of torque for effortless limousine like driving yet serious sports car performance with a zero to 100 km/h sprint time of 4.3 seconds.

This Wraith Black Badge is fitted with numerous additional Rolls-Royce options including bespoke audio offering concert sound listening and embossed headrests on all four seats.

It is priced at $885,500 on the road and can be appreciated at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne, 420 Swan Street Melbourne, Richmond.


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